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As representatives of various religions provide information they will be listed at this page. Often difficult to categorize, these groups have their place in the family of religions 
Mandean A continuing Gnostic religion descended from John the Baptist and/or the Essenes. The name is from "Manda" or "secret knowledge. They are primarily located in Iraq. Islam speaks of them as a "people of the book". Christianity would tend to place them with Gnostic heretical traditions. The believe that both Jesus and Mohammad were false prophets. A central symbol is a cross swathed in fabric topped by a wreath. July 19 or 20 is the Mandean New Year. Panga is the most holy of sacred days. Baptism is a central ritual. 

A Middle Eastern religion combining influences of Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism,  Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Primarily located in region of ethnic Kurds, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Prayers are in the direction of the sun. Pilgrimages take place.  Religious purity is important. An angel figure called Malak Ta'us - Peacock Angel is worshipped. 
Encyclopedia of the Orient

Kemetic Federation The Kemetic faith is based on the religious practices of Ancient Egypt. It's primary convictions are: 1. Belief in Ma'at as a force holding the world together; 2. Belief in Netjer as Supreme Being; 3. Veneration of Ancestors; 4. Participation in and respect for the community. Although the religion is ancient, the Federation was founded in 1900.
 Wicca   A religious tradition representing a variety of pagan and neo-pagan belief groups.  With roots in ancient nature oriented religions, Wicca values the natural world, often exalts goddess worship, and has a cyclic calendar based on natural events. For southern and northern hemisphere dating go to Link to a site on the schedule of sacred times for various pagan traditions.
  Scientology   Based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, this tradition dates from about 1950. It is in some ways similar to the Buddhist tradition. 


Caodai is a religion of Vietnam with 76 years of history. It is a reformed Buddhist faith with a form of Vietnamese Spiritism. Caodai includes Christianity, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Hinduism in it's doctrine.
Society of Humankind A society formed to welcome the new millennium and to assure the salvation of all souls and enable people to develop a code of morality.  
Eckankar Eckankar calls itself, "ancient wisdom for today."  This religion teaches spiritual exercises to experience the Light & Sound of God. Soul travel is a way to enlarge consciousness. 1965 is given as the founding date. 
Theosophy Founded in America as the Theosophical Society in 1875, this faith group understands itself as non-dogmatic and encourages persons to accept nothing on faith or on the word of another, but to adopt only those ideas that satisfy their own sense of what is real and important. The founding purpose was to promote understanding of other cultures and to be a nucleus of universal brotherhood among all human beings. All religions are expressions of humanity's effort to relate to one another. 
New Age  A collection of individuals and groups that put emphasis on self development and what some describe as utopian approaches to the needs and challenges facing human beings. In the US certain health oriented new age schools of thought are becoming part of a culturally accepted alternate forms of illness prevention and treatment. 
Temple Zagduku A religion closely resembling paganism but seeing itself as a separate entity. Lilitu, Inanna, shamanism, and solstice observances are important elements.  
T'ai chi
A Chinese based health oriented organization/s. Breathing, movement and thought practices are to improve health.  
Raelian Church A new religion based on self-announced contact with extraterrestrial beings.  Prophet Rael promises happiness.
Asatru A neo pagan community related with ancient Norse traditions.
Hellenismos A Greek/Hellenic form of paganism with a focus on worship of ancient Greek gods. Ancestors are honored. It is a devotion religion. The ethical framework is made up of reciprocity, hospitality and moderation. 
Yoruba A Yoruba divination system relating with infinite natural energies. Present in  many countries. No site available at this time. 
Rastafari A religious movement that originated in Jamaica among working class persons. Biblical Prophecy, a historic Ethiopian relationship and Emperor Haile Selassie are important elements. 
Unitarian Universalist                Beginning with a Reformation in Transylvania, Romania the tradition has its roots
                                                   in disagreement with the Christian concept of The Trinity. Today the body prides itself on
                                                       being an open, caring religion. Shared values rather than creed or dogma are
                                                     distinctive marks. These churches extend invitation to people of all faiths.
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