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Orthodoxy traces its roots back to the apostolic church and its liturgy. Constantinople (East) and Rome (West) had differences for centuries and in 1054 a division happened. Orthodox churches were  primarily in Russia, eastern Europe and western Asia, and are now global in presence. Orthodoxy is a federation of churches united by common history and beliefs. God's grace is conveyed through the Bible,  holy traditions, and icons. Patriarchs give spiritual leadership to the churches. 
Links: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA
Carpatho Russian Orthodox Diocese in the USA
Orthodox Church in America   
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
Representative of the Moscow Patriarchate in the USA
Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America
Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas
Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church

Byzantine Art - Ocha Nach (The Lord's Prayer) - another YouTube presentation
    Note: The majority of Orthodox Christians in North America and throughout the world use the Revised or New Julian Calendar. A minority use the Old Julian Calendar. This clarification is from the Communications Director of the Orthodox Church in America.  
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