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The Methodist (Wesleyan) tradition arose out of  Reformation times in 18th century Great Britain. John Wesley (1703-1791)and Charles Wesley (1707-1788) found the Anglican tradition to limit their call to ministry . Transforming personal religious experiences led them to the poor and dominated people who desired religious consolation and teaching. Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason are accepted as the basis for spiritual belief and daily living. Vital piety and social action are to be joined in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.  Wesleyan tradition churches are now present in  most countries of the world. 

The core values of the Methodist tradition are described in "The Character of a Methodist" by John Wesley.
        1. Rejoicing over the goodness of God.
        2. Belief in the power of prayer.
        3. Belief in purity of heart and holiness.
        4. Keeping the commandments of God.
        5. Glorifying God in all that is done.
        6. Doing good, for the body and soul.
        7. Belief in the unity of the church. 

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