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Jesus Christ, about 2000 years ago, presented the human face of the deity. The Bible, a combination of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, tells the story of the deity who enters into the lives of people to lead them to responsibility and eternal reality. "Jesus Christ - Lord of all life" is a central vision. The congregation is a focal point for community life, worship, and identity. Christian worship takes place on many days of the week. Sunday is most widely observed with Saturday as the next most observed day of the week.

2015 Christian calendar  -   All usually observed occasions.

Print format Christian Calendar  - Christian Seasons Calendar.
Introduction to Christianity A series of essays that come from a Reformed tradition North American source. 
Exploring Christianity  A worthy effort by some folks in New Zealand to put into words the basics about Christianity.  
Believe Religious Information Source  Information on many aspects of the Christian religion.
World Christian Resource  Helping Christians to understand and articulate, clarify and not polarize.  A collection of maps and information on Christian missions. 
Lectio Divina - Praying with Scriptures
Early Church Writings - Helpful resource collection.
Religion and Public Life Project - A Pew Forum study that opens for view on the reality of many religious issues.

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